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Music on your mind? Looking for an album you know came out on CD but didn’t make it onto a streaming service? We have a solution for you. 5 Girls Music, is a CD and vinyl shop in the local area with a mind-boggling range of albums. Come into our shop and look at our collection for yourselves. We have all kinds of music in our delightfully designed store. No matter your age, you will love our collection. If you want to know more about our stock or if we have a specific album or CD in our collection, contact us on the form below.

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We have CDs and vinyls of some of the most recently launched artists. Why not walk into our store and hear them play? You will be tempted to add them to your personal collection. Conversely, some of our customers love us for our old retro numbers and classics. As such, we have CDs and vinyls from the most eclectic and independent recording studios. Or you can buy new releases, yet to be launched and other hits from our store. You can be sure that all our products are authentic.


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